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Figure 5
Localization of crystals in integrated phase images obtained with STXM. (a) Glucose isomerase crystals, 50 × 50 µm in size, deposited onto a silicon nitride solid support are clearly visible. Data were collected at 100 K with the PILATUS 6M-F detector. (b) Lysozyme crystals with a diameter of 10 µm are detectable. Crystals were grown in meso in an IMISX plate. Data were collected at room temperature with the EIGER 16M detector. The top panels show light microscope images, while the bottom panels show integrated phase images. The phase images are displayed on an inverted gray scale in comparison to Fig. 4[link](i) and 4[link](j) to improve visibility.

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Volume 49| Part 3| June 2016| Pages 944-952
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