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Figure 4
(a) Difference [\Delta\delta] in structure factor phases regarding the proposed models, as detailed in the inset (NH3 [\rightarrow] FG and N3e [\rightarrow] [F^{\prime}_{G}]). X-rays of 10 keV. (b) Three-beam cases predicted to show opposite profile asymmetries on each model structure according to the criterion [\cos\Psi\cos\Psi^{\prime} \,\lt\, 1]. G = 261 and [\Delta\Psi = \Psi^{\prime}-\Psi] (NH3 [\rightarrow] [\Psi] and N3e [\rightarrow] [\Psi^{\prime}]). Limited to amplitude W > 5%. dG,H is the interplanar distance of Bragg planes.

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