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Figure 1
(a) 3D-rendered lattice structure (from XCT data) shown with 70% transparency to highlight the central unit cell. Neutron diffraction gauge volumes are indicated in the knot (red) and the strut (black) positions. (b) The experimental setup at Stress-Spec and the mounted lattice structure. (c) The schematics of the neutron diffraction experiment with primary slits and a radial collimator in front of the detector. (d) The nine investigated scattering vectors [{\bf q}]: three directions corresponding to the geometrical sample directions (blue, `1' to `3'), two directions corresponding to the axial and radial directions of the strut (red, `4' and `5'), and four random directions (green, `6' to `9'). Each scattering vector is presented in the sample coordinate system and is defined by the azimuthal angle [ {\varphi }^{\rm S}] and the polar angle [{\psi }^{\rm S}] shown in the inset.

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