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Figure 15
Simulated small-angle structure factor S(q) for (a) lamellar, (b) cylindrical and (c) b.c.c. spherical mesophases. Three methods are used to compute S(q): with [{\bf q}]s on a cubic lattice (green vertical lines), with [{\bf q}]s on spheres (blue dotted line) and Debye's scattering equation (red solid line). The Debye result for S(q) of a homogeneous glass, after being vertically rescaled to align at [q\to 0], is shown for comparison (black dashed line). Black downward-pointing arrows mark signature peaks for each structure. The broad peak at [7.5\sigma^{-1}] corresponds to particle size σ. Insets show top/side views of the configurations under consideration. The blue solid line in (c) is the Debye result for S(q) of a b.c.c. sphere mesophase with one particle per domain, obtained by rescaling the curve of a b.c.c. crystal.

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