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Figure 6
Diffraction images from a single crystal mounted in the I19 electric field cell (λ 0.534 Å and 2θ 28°). (a) An image free of shading from the cell and (b) an image shaded by the cell mounting bracket, showing how the observed diffraction is weaker. The images contain diffraction spots from the sample and powder rings from the silver component of the conductive paste. (c)–(e) hkl plots showing the distribution of reflection multiplicities in reciprocal space (d = 0.67 Å) for data collection and reduction of a data set collected from the monoclinic (P21) system N,N-di­methyl­urea 3,5-di­nitro­benzoic acid (Saunders et al., 2019BB50) at 300 K. Reflections are coloured according to their multiplicity (0–12; see bar on the right of each image).

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