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Figure 6
Qualitative comparison between experiment and theory. (a)–(d) Two-dimensional experimental polarization [P_{{\rm f}\perp}^{+}({\bf q})] of the scattered neutrons of NANOPERM [(Fe0.985Co0.015)90Zr7B3] at a series of applied magnetic fields (see insets). [{\bf H}_{0}] is horizontal in the plane. The range of momentum transfers is restricted to [q\,\lesssim\, 0.33\,{\rm nm}^{-1}]. (e)–(h) Prediction by the analytical micromagnetic theory (no free parameters) using the experimental ratio [\alpha_{{\rm exp}}(q)] [equation (63)[link]] and the structural ([\xi_{{\rm M}} = \xi_{{\rm H}} = D/2 = 7.5\,{\rm nm}]) and magnetic ( A,M0) interaction parameters of NANOPERM [see text, Michels et al. (2012BB39) and Honecker et al. (2013BB128)]. The central white octagons mark the position of the beamstop.

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