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Figure 3
Comparison of model quality scores of starting models and final PDB_REDO models as histograms of score change. The values on the x axis mark the upper limit of each bin. Improvements are marked in green, deteriorations in red and neutral changes in yellow. (a) Rfree as calculated by REFMAC (Murshudov et al., 2011BB33). (b) Ramachandran plot Z-score from WHAT_CHECK (Hooft et al., 1996BB15). (c) Rotamer normality Z-score from WHAT_CHECK. (d) Fine (second-generation) packing Z-score from WHAT_CHECK. (e) Weighted bump severity score (see equation 4[link]).

Volume 1| Part 4| May 2014| Pages 213-220
ISSN: 2052-2525