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Figure 4
Comparison of the inhibitor-binding sites. The stereo image shows the residues (labelled) that circumscribe the inhibitor-binding site in LmNMT. The colouring is by atom type, with oxygen in red, nitrogen in blue and sulfur in yellow. C atoms are coloured according to the structure as follows. Those in the binary complex of LmNMT with MyrCoA are shown in ice blue and those in the ternary complexes of LmNMT–MyrCoA with the inhibitors 6KV, 7AH, A6K and CWZ are shown in grey, coral, green and pink, respectively. The structures were superposed using the secondary-structure matching routines implemented in CCP4mg (McNicholas et al., 2011BB27).

Volume 1| Part 4| June 2014| Pages 250-260
ISSN: 2052-2525