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Figure 1
Schematic representation of the oligomeric states of mammalian MAT enzymes. The mammalian genes mat1A and mat2A produce the catalytic subunits MATα1 and MATα2, respectively, sharing 84% sequence homology. The MATα1 and MATα2 subunits can be found organized as dimers and tetramers. The MATα1 dimer and tetramer are known as MATIII and MATI, respectively. On the other hand, mat2B encodes the regulatory subunit for which there are two major isoforms, MATβV1 and MATβV2. The MAT(α2)4(βV2)2 complex consists of a MATα2 tetramer flanked by two MATβV2 subunits. In this study we were able to assemble in vitro three different MATαβ complexes: MAT(α2)4(βV1)2, MAT(α2)4(βV2)2 and MAT(α1)4(βV1)2 (the last two complexes are described for the first time).

Volume 1| Part 4| June 2014| Pages 240-249
ISSN: 2052-2525