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Figure 5
NADP-binding site. (a) Superposition of the NADP-bound MATβ structure (PDB entry 2ydx , Shafqat et al., 2013BB27, in blue) over MATβV2 as it is in the MAT(α2)4(βV2)2 complex (in green). Residues directly involved in the interaction with NADP are labelled and shown in stick representation. (b) Surface representation of the model of an NADP molecule within the binding pocket of MATβV2 from the MAT(α2)4(βV2)2 complex. (c) MAT(α2)4 (in red and slate) does not block the access of NADP to MATβV2 (in green).

Volume 1| Part 4| June 2014| Pages 240-249
ISSN: 2052-2525