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Figure 8
CTBAAAAMPR is monodisperse as a high-order oligomer. (a) DLS measurements were performed so that the size distribution in the sample was analyzed for 20 s and the measurement was repeated consecutively ten times. The moment-to-moment fraction of particles estimated to have a particular hydrodynamic radius is color-coded and shown as a heat plot (red, >90%; blue, none). The narrow vertical and red profile shown indicates high stability over the duration of the measurement and low polydispersity. Time: the total duration of the scanning session (200 s). (b) A distribution curve of particle-size frequencies gives a more quantitative evaluation of the polydispersity, with the mean ± SD indicated next to the peak. The standard deviation of the size distribution is only 6% of the mean, indicating low polydispersity.

Volume 1| Part 5| August 2014| Pages 305-317
ISSN: 2052-2525