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Figure 1
Two-dimensional MEM EDDs of the 6R (top) and 8R (bottom), going from 0 e Å−2 (blue) to 1 e Å−2 (red), of (a) H-CHA, (b) Cu-CHA using only the framework as an MEM prior, and (c) Cu-CHA using the improved structure factors obtained from Rietveld analysis including the A′ and B sites in the structure model. (d) Ball-and-stick drawings of the 6R (top) and 8R (bottom) of Cu-CHA, showing the Cu2+ sites A′ (orange) and B (green), and the T sites (Si/Al, white) oxygen (red).

Volume 1| Part 6| September 2014| Pages 382-386
ISSN: 2052-2525