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Figure 1
(a) The sialic acid binding pocket of influenza HA. A ribbon representation of an HA1 trimer is shown in the upper part. The structure of the bound human receptor analogue is shown as red sticks (PDB entry 4bh3 , Xiong et al., 2013BB100). The components of the human (left) and avian (right) receptor analogues are shown in the middle part of the figure and a close-up of the receptor-binding pocket with the superimposition of the two ligands is shown in the lower part. (b) The MV-H protein bound to the receptors: CD46 (PDB entry 3inb , Santiago et al., 2010BB85; top), Slam (PDB entry 3alz , Hashiguchi et al., 2011BB44; middle) and nectin-4 (PDB entry 4gjt , Zhang et al., 2013BB108; bottom). Ribbon drawings, showing the MV-H molecules in blue and the different receptor molecules depicted in red. (c) Structure of the PRCV CoV S-APN complex (PDB entry 4f5c , Reguera et al., 2012BB81). (d) Structure of the complex MERS-CoV RBD-DPP4 complex (PDB entry 4l72 , Wang et al., 2013BB98).

Volume 1| Part 6| October 2014| Pages 492-504
ISSN: 2052-2525