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Figure 2
The three classes of viral fusion glycoproteins. Ribbon diagrams of the pre-fusion (top) and post-fusion (bottom) conformations of the paramyxovirus (class I; PDB entries 2b9b , Yin et al., 2006BB104, and 1ztm , Yin et al., 2005BB103) (a); flavivirus (class II; PDB entries 1svb , Rey et al., 1995BB82, and 1urz , Bressanelli et al., 2004BB120) (b); and rhabdovirus (class III; PDB entries 2j6j , Roche et al., 2007BB84, and 2cmz , Cho et al., unpublished work) (c) proteins. For each class of fusogen, the equivalent protein domains are highlighted with identical colours and explicitly labelled (DI, yellow; DII, red; DIII, purple; DIV and heptad repeat region A, HRA, light green; HRB, blue; fusion peptide or loops, black). (d) The novel fold of the envelope protein E2 from BVDV (PDB entry 4ild , Li et al., 2013BB58). (e) The structure of the eukaryotic fusogen EEF1 (PDB entry 4oje , Pérez-Vargas et al., 2014BB77).

Volume 1| Part 6| October 2014| Pages 492-504
ISSN: 2052-2525