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Figure 3
(a) Schematic representation of a tailed phage. LPS, lipopolysacharide; OM, outer membrane; PP, periplasmic space; IM, inner membrane. (b) The baseplate of phage P2 before activation, with the receptor-binding domains of the receptor-binding protein (red) pointing upwards, away from the bacterium (left; PDB entry 2wzp , Sciara et al., 2010BB87). The movement of 200° by the receptor-binding protein that completely reverses the orientation. The right panel shows the baseplate of P2 after activation by calcium ions with the receptor-binding domains pointing downwards, towards the bacterium (PDB entry 2x53 , Sciara et al., 2010BB87). (c) The baseplate of phage TP901-1 (PDB entries 4div and 4diw , Veesler et al., 2012BB97), top view looking down the phage tail tube axis (left) and lateral view (right). (d) The structure of the H protein coiled-coil tube (PDB entry 4jpp , Sun et al., 2014BB96). Ribbon representation of the structure, with the monomers individually coloured. (bottom) Top view of the tube, with the N-terminus pointing to the viewer.

Volume 1| Part 6| October 2014| Pages 492-504
ISSN: 2052-2525