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Figure 3
Structural model for the domains (blocklets) of crystalline lamellae in the hierarchical structure of native tapioca granule. The model is characterized by four to five well packed layers of a lamellar domain size (DL) ≃43 nm, and an idealized elliptic cross section of dimensions Da ≃ 26 nm and Db ≃ 9 nm (right); the average crystalline and amorphous layer thicknesses (tc = 7.5 nm and ta = 1.1 nm), accumulate to a lamellar spacing (L) of 8.6 nm. More extended and flexible wires (red) are for amylose chains, whereas the branched ones (blue) are for amylopectin chains.

Volume 1| Part 6| October 2014| Pages 418-428
ISSN: 2052-2525