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Figure 4
Le Bail fit of the diffraction pattern of sample Ti0.44Al0.56N deposited at UB = −40 V. The measured intensities are plotted as open circles, the calculated intensities as solid lines. The contributions of individual phases to the total calculated intensity are mutually shifted for clarity. The intensities diffracted by fcc-(Ti,Al)N (red line) are at the top, the intensities from w-(Al,Ti)N (green line) in the middle and the intensities from hex-WC (blue line) at the bottom. The upper diffraction indices indicate the diffraction lines from fcc-(Ti,Al)N while the indices at the bottom of the figure indicate the diffraction lines from w-(Al,Ti)N.

Volume 1| Part 6| October 2014| Pages 446-456
ISSN: 2052-2525