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Figure 7
Characterization of the flexibility of uPARWT and the mutated uPARH47C-N259C using EOM 2.0. (a) Size distributions (Rg) of uPARWT and uPARH47C-N259C, providing only a qualitative assessment through direct comparison of the distributions of the selected ensembles and the pool. (b) The metrics Rflex and Rσ enable characterization of the flexibility quantitatively, with Rflex = ∼82% and Rflex = ∼45%, for uPARWT and uPARH47C-N259C, respectively, reflecting a significant change in compactness of the particle upon mutation (with a threshold of randomness of ∼85% calculated from the pool).

Volume 2| Part 2| February 2015| Pages 207-217
ISSN: 2052-2525