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Figure 2
HPLC analysis of the supposed GR/TIF2 complex crystals reveals the presence of TIF2 peptide only. The top panel establishes that TIF2 elutes at 1.3 min. The middle panel is a mixture of TIF2 peptide and GR as used for crystallization. The largest peak at 2.7 min is GR. The peak at 2.4 min is an unknown compound, probably a contaminant as it also appeared in the bottom panel and in blank runs (not shown). The bottom panel represents the washed crystals. As no GR is present, the crystals only contain TIF2 peptide. Other signals may belong to crystallization buffer components that have not been washed away.

Volume 2| Part 2| January 2015| Pages 177-187
ISSN: 2052-2525