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Figure 7
(a) The camera head of an MPCCD developed for serial femtosecond crystallography (Kameshima et al., 2014BB34). The detector consists of eight sensors aligned on a flat imaging surface to give a total of 4 Mpixels. The imaging surface can be placed close to the specimen to cover a scattering angle of ±45°. (b) A single-pulse diffraction pattern from a small lysozyme crystal recorded with this detector in combination with an early phase setup at SACLA (Song et al., 2014BB48). The data were calibrated by the facility's standard automated procedure. Simple calibration is one advantage of passive pixels (Kameshima et al., 2014BB34). (c) An enlarged image of the area shown as a red rectangle in (b). Diffraction spots are indicated by red circles.

Volume 2| Part 3| April 2015| Pages 371-383
ISSN: 2052-2525