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Figure 1
Simulated scattering curves from an oblate ellipsoid [half-axes 1, 15 and 15 nm, parts (a) and (b)] and for a cube with an edge of 5 nm [parts (c) and (d)]. From top to bottom, the curves correspond to added Gaussian noise of 1, 5, 20 and 100% (dots with error bars), respectively. The best truncated Shannon approximations are displayed as solid lines. Subsequent curves are shifted by one logarithmic order for better visualization. Here and in the subsequent figures, the intensities are displayed on a logarithmic scale. For the noisy simulated and experimental data where the values may become negative because of noise, logarithms of the modulus of the intensity are displayed as red dots. Parts (a) and (c) correspond to X-ray type data, and parts (b) and (d) to neutron type data.

Volume 2| Part 3| April 2015| Pages 352-360
ISSN: 2052-2525