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Figure 4
Experimental SAXS data and Shannon fits corresponding to the optimum number of channels determined by Shanum. (a) The complex of Importin α/β (Falces et al., 2010BB3). (b) The M.SSoII protein (Konarev et al., 2014BB9). (c) The LSAQ-IDEA protein (Zhang et al., 2006BB27). The useful angular range is identified by an arrow in each case and the target function is shown in the inset. The insets at the bottom of parts (a) and (b) display the dependence of the hydrated particle (Porod) volume on the range of experimental data used for the calculation of the Porod invariant (see Discussion section).

Volume 2| Part 3| April 2015| Pages 352-360
ISSN: 2052-2525