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Figure 2
Schematic drawing of the indexing procedure for 4%-energy-bandpass data in two dimensions. (a) Single snapshot (top) for a randomly oriented crystal (bottom), and (b) its interpretation in reciprocal space (top) with the reference orientation of the crystal (bottom). The origin in both cases is shown as an open red circle. In (a) two q vectors and the angle between them are highlighted in green (used in the laue approach). In (b) a green circle with the d spacing of the reflection closest to the origin in (a) is shown. All reciprocal lattice points on this circle are considered to be potential candidates for that reflection (used in the mono1 approach). The indices of the reflections are given in (a) and their positions in the reference orientation are shown in (b).

Volume 2| Part 3| April 2015| Pages 361-370
ISSN: 2052-2525