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Figure 4
Resolution estimation for the three-dimensional cryo-CDI reconstruction. (a), (b) Two thin slices through the three-dimensional reconstruction of the cell. Dotted lines c*, d* and e* correspond to line scans along the X, Y and Z axes, respectively, where the X-ray beam is in the Z axis. Images are false coloured; red, yellow, green, blue and dark blue/black range from high, medium and low to no signal/density, respectively. Scale bar: 500 nm. (c)–(e) Line scans of c*, d* and e* indicate that a resolution of ∼74 nm, ∼74 nm and ∼99 nm was achieved in the three-dimensional reconstruction along the X, Y and Z axes, respectively. The lower resolution along the Z axis is due to the missing data (wedge) in that direction.

Volume 2| Part 5| September 2015| Pages 575-583
ISSN: 2052-2525