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Figure 6
(a)–(c) Relative occupancies of anomalous sites determined by AutoSol colored by type of atom as assigned in the refined structure. (a) Sites found for influenza endonuclease with 4-bromopyrazole. The sites with highest occupancies show clear density for 4-bromopyrazole, followed by manganese. Weaker sites are largely modeled with Br atoms. (b) Proteinase K crystals soaked with 4-iodopyrazole. Sites with the highest occupancies correspond to 4-iodopyrazole, while I atoms are modeled for many of the lower occupancy sites. Owing to the high quality of the data collected from the proteinase K crystals, several anomalous peaks correspond to S atoms. (c) RT–rilpivirine crystals soaked with 4-iodopyrazole. RT has a mixture of 4-iodopyrazole and I atoms throughout the occupancy range. Four S atoms were also detected.

ISSN: 2052-2525