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Figure 2
Structural comparison between SpsB and LepB. (a) Cartoon showing the conserved extracellular catalytic domains of SpsB (green; Pep3 complex) and LepB (magenta; PDB entry 1b12). The catalytic Ser and Lys residues (in stick form) are shown at the head of the peptide-binding cleft. The peptide Pep3 bound to SpsB is shown in yellow stick form. The divergent noncatalytic domains are shown in grey. Dashed lines represent parts of the protein that are not visible in the electron density. (b) Close-up view of the residues that form the S1 and S3 pockets of the peptide-binding cleft of SpsB and LepB. SpsB residues are labelled in black, while the corresponding LepB residues are shown in red italics.

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