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Figure 6
Various guest binding modes found in the pore of the crystalline sponge. (a) Donor–acceptor aromatic stacking between the nobiletin (5) guest and the tpt ligand. (b) CH–π interaction between methyl and pyridyl groups found in the binding of guaiazulene (3). (c) Hydrogen-bonding interaction with the bromine atom of bromophenthrene (12). (d) Hydrogen-bonding interaction of the methyl group of cubane (11) with the iodine atom of ZnI2. (e, f) Induced-fit deformation of the host framework: (e) before and (f) after the inclusion of tangeretin (6). The guest is omitted for clarity.

Volume 3| Part 2| March 2016| Pages 139-151
ISSN: 2052-2525