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Figure 7
Crystal structure of the guest absorbed crystalline sponge (guest = guaiazulene, 3). (a) The three-dimensional network structure (a projection down [010]). The host and guest are represented by stick and space-filling models, respectively. Solvents filling the voids are omitted for clarity. (b) Asymmetric unit structure. Three independent guaiazulene molecules (AC), along with cyclohexane solvents are observed. Molecule A: observed with s.o.f. = 1 without disorder; B: fourfold disordered around the twofold axis with the two statistically disordered guaiazulene molecules [s.o.f. = 0.278 (10) and 0.222 (10), respectively]; C: disordered with solvents with s.o.f. = 0.186 (6). The superimposed blue and yellow colors on some atoms show the use of a PART command and represent the disordered model. (c) The guests AC (and overlapping cyclohexane molecules) are individually shown.

Volume 3| Part 2| March 2016| Pages 139-151
ISSN: 2052-2525