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Figure 2
(a) Setup for powder diffraction experiments with cell and peroxisome suspensions on the P14 beamline at PETRA III. X-ray powder diffraction patterns are shown for (b) wild-type, (c) ΔPEX11 and (d) ΔPEX5 cells. The lower panels in (b), (c) and (d) indicate Debye–Scherrer rings at 161 Å (corresponding to the 110 reflection), 114 Å (200 reflection), 72 Å (301 reflection), 61 Å (321 reflection) and 57 Å (400 reflection), consistent with d-spacings of an I-centred cubic lattice with a = 228 Å. Reflections 211, 220 and 222 are not visible in our diffraction data. (e) Purified peroxisomes produced the same diffraction pattern as wt and ΔPEX11 cells, whereas ΔAO cells with a deletion in the AOX gene do not produce Debye–Scherrer rings (f).

Volume 3| Part 2| March 2016| Pages 88-95
ISSN: 2052-2525