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Figure 2
An (001) Si wafer with Vickers indent (dotted circles) at the centre. The edges correspond to the <110> directions. (a) The 220 diffraction image with all the cracks, i.e. the final stage (frame No. 3000 of the acquired movie with 1.28 µs exposure time; the diffracted image is scaled and rotated to match the transmission image). The inclined dashed line marks the position of the intensity profiles shown in Fig. 4[link]. (b) The sum of 100 direct images acquired, showing the cracks in their final state. At the centre of the image the indent is visible. The segments of three cracks are labelled c1a–c3b. In both parts, the dashed boxes mark the area selected by way of example for the time series shown in Fig. 3[link].

Volume 3| Part 2| March 2016| Pages 108-114
ISSN: 2052-2525