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Figure 4
(a) Propagation of the crack tip as derived from intensity profiles along the inclined dashed line marked in Fig. 2[link](a) for all frames of the movie related to Fig. 3[link]. The position of the crack tip can be tracked indirectly via the marked black region, as the tip changes the grey levels locally while travelling. The outlined box and enlargement show by way of illustration a region where the crack propagates in jumps. Position and length are given for jump Nos. 4–7. (b) A plot of the crack tip position versus recording time reveals sudden jumps in the position during crack tip propagation (cf. Fig. 3[link], crack segment c1c). Strain retraction occurs at positions where the shape of the crack changes (compare Fig. 5[link]). The vibration contribution to the crack tip position has been removed.

Volume 3| Part 2| March 2016| Pages 108-114
ISSN: 2052-2525