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Figure 5
Simulated patterns for (a) B150,DAC with ϕ = −30° and (b) A300. Reflections are coloured according to I/σ(I); reflections passing through the cell body in (a) are shown as circles, those passing through the diamonds are marked by diamonds. (c) A plot of I/σ(I) against scattering angle ψ for the pattern (a) for BDAC,150. Scattering angle ψ is used rather than 2θ to make a clear distinction between reflections passing through the diamonds (red diamonds) and the cell body (black circles). (d) Plot of I/σ(I) against 2θ for the pattern shown in (b) for A300.

Volume 3| Part 3| May 2016| Pages 168-179
ISSN: 2052-2525