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Figure 7
Isosurface plots of (a) BDAC,150 Fourier difference map for a model phased with just the C and N positions. Strong negative scattering density can be seen at the H atom position, along with other residual density. Isosurface levels are at ±4 fm Å−3. (b) Observed scattering density for BDAC,150 clearly showing the negative scattering density associated with the H atoms, isosurface levels are at ±9 fm Å−3. Positive scattering density is shown in red, negative scattering density in blue. Images were generated in VESTA 3 (Momma & Izumi, 2011BB42).

Volume 3| Part 3| May 2016| Pages 168-179
ISSN: 2052-2525