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Figure 3
(a) Electron-density maps from different stages of the sulfur SAD phasing process for thaumatin using 125 000 SFX images contoured at 1σ. The map calculated from the S-SAD phases calculated by SHARP is shown on the left (`sharp'), the map after solvent flattening in the middle (`sol') and the final refined map (2mFoDFc) on the right (`ref'). (b) As (a) but using all (363 300) available images. (c) Anomalous difference density map calculated using 125 000 images and phases from the final refined model (shown as a ribbon model; cysteine residues and the single methionine residue are depicted as stick models). The map (orange mesh) is contoured at 5σ.

Volume 3| Part 3| May 2016| Pages 180-191
ISSN: 2052-2525