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Figure 6
Peculiarities of the X-ray topographic images of growth striations in a GaSb(Si) single crystal. (a), (b) The strong dependence of the image contrast of growth striations in region I of the crystal (Fig. 5[link]) on the diffraction vector g orientation. (c), (d) The weak dependence of the contrast of growth striation images on the diffraction vector g orientation in region II of the crystal. X-ray topographic images obtained using the method of anomalous transmission of X-rays, Mo Kα1 radiation; (a), (c) asymmetric [02{\overline 2}] reflection, (gn) = 0, and (b), (d) symmetric [{\overline 2}20], (gn) ≠ 0.

Volume 3| Part 3| May 2016| Pages 200-210
ISSN: 2052-2525