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Figure 2
Crystal structure of Lili-Mip. (a) Cartoon diagram of the Lili-Mip structure consisting of one C-terminal α-helix (light blue) and nine β-strands (magenta) that form a barrel to loosely coordinate the lipid. The N-glycans (yellow) at the four glycosylation sites are modelled in 2FoFc electron density (white). (b) Surface view of Lili-Mip showing the 2FoFc electron-density map (blue) contoured at 1× r.m.s. for the N-glycans at Asn35, Asn79 and Asn145, and 0.5σ for that at Asn66. The wire mesh (green) in the middle of the structures in both panels is the difference map showing density for the lipid drawn at 3.0σ.

Volume 3| Part 4| July 2016| Pages 282-293
ISSN: 2052-2525