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Figure 3
Lipid binding to Lili-Mip. (a) Close-up view of the interface between the lipids (linoleic acid, purple; oleic acid, yellow) and the hydrophobic cavity. Residues involved in the formation of the cavity are modelled and labelled. The FoFc electron-density map (drawn at 3.0σ) for the lipids in the binding cavity is shown in green. As mentioned in the text, the last few C atoms and the charged group are disordered and different in the different structures. The electron-density map depicted is using data from PDB entry 4nyq. (b) Two-dimensional projection of lipid coordination by Lili-Mip residues: LIGPLOT diagram (Wallace et al., 1995BB53). Atoms of the lipid are labelled in black and Lili-Mip residues are shown in red. The direction of the hydrophobic interactions between each atom of the lipid and Lili-Mip is represented.

Volume 3| Part 4| July 2016| Pages 282-293
ISSN: 2052-2525