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Figure 10
(a) Intensity of neutron scattering Z(Q, t) versus time at various Q (in Å−1): dark blue 0.033, red 0.044, green 0.055, brown 0.066 and light blue 0.077. Symbols represent experimental data after two-dimensional Fourier analysis, and lines are Zcalc(Q, t) calculated from the model. (b) The decomposition of Zcalc(Q, t) (solid black line) into SANS (solid red line) and background (solid blue line) at Q = 0.05 Å−1; the solid black squares represent Zexp(Q, t) after two-dimensional Fourier analysis. Units are as in Fig. 5[link].

Volume 3| Part 5| September 2016| Pages 326-340
ISSN: 2052-2525