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Figure 7
The neutron scattering intensity Zexp(Q, t), Zexp(V) (Q, t) and Zexp(H) (Q, t) in terms of the Fourier coefficients FC(1, Q) (grey line, open squares), FS(1, Q) (black line, open circles), FC(V) (1, Q) (thin red line, open squares), FS(V) (1, Q) (thick red line, filled squares), FC(H) (1, Q) (thin blue line, open squares) and FS(H) (1, Q) (thick blue line, filled squares). The scale of the Fourier coefficients is the same as in Fig. 5[link].

Volume 3| Part 5| September 2016| Pages 326-340
ISSN: 2052-2525