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Figure 8
Fourier coefficients FC(1, Q and FS(1, Q) of Zexp(Q, t) and Zcalc(Q, t). For sample 3 (the so-called blank), the black line with filled circles denotes FC(3) (1, Q) and the black line with open circles denotes FS(3) (1, Q). For sample 1, the dark-green filled squares denote FC(1) (1, Q) and the light-green filled squares denote FS(1) (1, Q). The difference between sample 1 and sample 3 is indicated by blue filled dots for FC(1) (1, Q)FC(3) (1, Q) and by red filled squares for FS(1) (1, Q)FS(3) (1, Q). For the models, the solid blue line indicates FC(1, Q) and the solid red line indicates FS(1, Q).

Volume 3| Part 5| September 2016| Pages 326-340
ISSN: 2052-2525