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Figure 4
(a) The effect of noise on a cross-section of the intensity correlation function C(q = 0.5 Å−1, q′, θ) varying the number of patterns. Noise is clearly visible for [N_{\alpha} = 10^2], but is suppressed by [N_{\alpha} = 10^4] except for a large peak at [\theta = 0] which arises from the self-correlation of the shot noise with itself. (b) A line plot of q = q′ = 0.5 Å−1 which shows that the peak at [\theta = 0] varies with the noise level. This peak can be removed with a centrosymmetric filter that replaces information in the vicinity of θ = 0° with the information near θ = 180°. (c) After applying the centrosymmetric filter, the [N_{\alpha} = 10^4] result agrees well with the noise-free simulation for the full range of θ.

ISSN: 2052-2525