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Figure 4
Structure of AtlE. The fold of the structure in the core and lobe regions is shown. The compact α-­helical structural core forms the lower part of both domains, whereas the R- and L-lobes containing short α-­helical and β-strand regions reside on top of the R- and L-domains, respectively. Between the lobes, there is a long groove that runs across the entire central part of the molecule. The secondary-structure elements in the figures are numbered in the order that they occur in the sequence. The core of the structure consists of six helices of different lengths: α5, α6, α7 and α12 from the L-domain and α13 and α14 from the R-domain. In contrast, each lobe contains two short α-helices and two β-­hairpins. In the L-lobe the β-­hairpin precedes the two α-helices, whereas in the R-lobe the β-hairpin is positioned between them (α1 and α4). (a) Sequence of AtlE. The grey text indicates the part excluded from expression. The regions corresponding to the secondary-structure elements are shown in the same colour code as used in (b). (b) Fold of AtlE. The four conserved helices in the core region are coloured blue, whereas the other two core region helices are shown in cyan. The secondary-structure elements belonging to the L- and R-lobes are shown in green and yellow, respectively.

Volume 4| Part 2| March 2017| Pages 185-198
ISSN: 2052-2525