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Figure 1
Reciprocal-space sections measured at 19.6 (1) GPa containing (a) 0klm and (b)–(g) hklm reflections. White, dark-blue, turquoise and orange circles indicate the main reflections and first-, second- and third-order satellites, respectively. The special characters in part (a) refer to the corresponding lines in the other panels. All reflections are indexed by the reciprocal-lattice vectors H = ha* + kb* + lc* + mq, with q = βb* + γc* [yellow arrows in part (a)]. In parts (c) and (d), the a*b* reciprocal lattice plane (white square) is defined by the strong main reflections hk30 and hk40. In parts (b), (e), (f) and (g), the satellites indicated by circles belong to independent reflections related to others by the (110) and (010) twinning planes (dashed white lines).

Volume 4| Part 2| March 2017| Pages 152-157
ISSN: 2052-2525