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Figure 7
Reconstruction of the average X-ray beam profile in the focus. Injected particles are assumed to sample this profile uniformly. (a) Independent reconstructions using intensities that correspond to the smallest detectable particle sizes (35–45 nm) and the largest observed particle sizes (235–300 nm). (b) Combined reconstruction using the blue tails and the green centre from (a), with the x axis being rescaled such that the integrated profile equals a pulse energy in the focus of 0.66 mJ (based on 3.29 mJ measured upstream of the optics and assuming 20% transmission). With this scale, the reconstructed profile has an FWHM of 522 nm. A Lorentzian fit to the profile is shown in grey.

Volume 4| Part 3| May 2017| Pages 251-262
ISSN: 2052-2525