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Figure 3
Sections tangential to the tube axis spanning the outer phospholipid headgroup region of the lipid bilayer. Low-density patches are present in the space between the δ subunits of neighbouring receptors (see, for example, the box in the third panel) and at the M1/M4 lipid–helix interface of the remaining four subunits (arrows). Inset: enlargement of the boxed dimer of receptors and the central low-density microdomain, identifying individual subunits and the M1 (orange) and M4 (green) helices of δ. The panels are at 2.7 Å intervals from the outermost side (left) to the innermost side of the headgroup region. Inverted contrast.

Volume 4| Part 4| July 2017| Pages 393-399
ISSN: 2052-2525