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Figure 5
Reaction scheme, structures, and schematic representation of the topologies of [Cnmim]2[Ni3(BTC)2(OAc)2] [n = 2 (A1), 3 (A2), or 4 (A3)] and [Cnmim]2[Ni3(H-BTC)4(H2O)2] [n = 2 (B1) or 4 (B2)]. [EMI] = [C2mim]+, [PMI] = [C3mim]+, and [BMI] = [C4mim]+. In the structure drawings, imidazolium cations are shown in yellow (A1, A2, and A3) and orange (B1 and B2). In the topology drawings, the cyan and yellow spheres represent the Ni3 units and BTC2− linkers, respectively. The 2D layers are shown in purple. From Xu et al. (2009BB69). Published by The Royal Society of Chemistry. Used with permission.

Volume 4| Part 4| July 2017| Pages 380-392
ISSN: 2052-2525