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Figure 3
(a) Selected class average of individual spectra with fitted theoretical spectrum. Top left, experimental class-average spectrum (1280 × 1280 patches). Bottom right, theoretical CTF amplitudes at a defocus of 7913/9047 Å (astigmatism of 1134 Å at an angle of 133°). Thon rings in good spectra are visible to beyond ∼2/3 of the Nyquist frequency, corresponding to a resolution of ∼3.1 Å. (b) Histogram of the defocus values of ∼450 000 movie-frame patches. The peak at the low-defocus edge of this histogram corresponds to outliers with a defocus less than 0.22 µm (the search limit), which were ignored.

Volume 4| Part 5| September 2017| Pages 678-694
ISSN: 2052-2525