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Figure 3
(a) Measured visibilities as a function of delay time. The average visibility at each delay time is displayed as filled circles. The error bars denote the standard deviations. The black dashed line indicates the modulus of the complex degree of coherence |γ12(τ)| calculated from the average spectrum of the exit beams composed of fourfold Si(220) diffractions. The red solid line represents the ensemble average of |γ12(τ)| calculated by considering Gaussian spectral spikes with a bandwidth of 375 meV (FWHM) and a fluctuation in the peak energy of 60 meV in the standard deviation. (b) Single-shot interference fringe with a maximum visibility of 0.55. (c) Superimposed profile measured at a delay far from zero for which the visibility is calculated to be 0.043. Each scale bar represents 100 µm.

Volume 4| Part 6| November 2017| Pages 728-733
ISSN: 2052-2525