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Figure 4
Comparison of ligand binding in the long-mixing case solved starting from PDB entries 4et8 (magenta) and 1hew (cyan) with that in the co-crystallized ligand structure PDB entry 1hew (green). It can be seen that all ligands bind to subsites ABC and that only the most flexible sugar ring 1 shows a significantly different orientation. Most notably, the different orientation of the hydroxyl O atom at position 6 of the pyranose ring and of the acetamido group of Asn103 results in a hydrogen bond between the ligand and protein in PDB entry 1hew but not in the mixing cases. Binding-site residues of lysozyme are displayed and the associated binding subsites AF are indicated at the bottom of the figure. The dashed line indicates the active site for catalysis (cleavage site).

Volume 4| Part 6| November 2017| Pages 769-777
ISSN: 2052-2525