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Figure 2
Comparison of the asymmetric units and the crystallographic dimer of the crystal forms CrystTEW, Cryst1, and Cryst2. The asymmetric units are indicated by boxes. CrystTEW is shown as a green cartoon, whereas Cryst1 is represented as a blue cartoon and Cryst2 as a red cartoon. Both TEW anions in CrystTEW (TEW and GluTEW) are shown as a cluster of red spheres within the cartoon but also in a ball-and-stick representation in the inset below (color code: tungsten black, tellurium gray, and oxygen red). The superimposition clearly indicates the presence of the same crystallographic dimer in each crystal form (r.m.s. deviation ∼0.45–0.72 Å).

Volume 4| Part 6| November 2017| Pages 734-740
ISSN: 2052-2525